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Spell-Caster is a word-based puzzle game. You play as a wizard who is given a magical book and is thrust into monster infested dungeons and must survive while learning your craft. Using the mysterious runes in your book, you must form words to cast spells and defeat your enemies. However, time waits for no man and neither will your enemies so you’d best be quick about it.
As you explore and fight your way through the dungeons you will discover weaknesses in your enemies defenses and find new pages for your spell book which will grant you new abilities. There is also epic loot to uncover to outfit your wizard with. You’ll need all the help you can get because the creatures in the deep dark are fearsome indeed.

Basically, it’s a light top-down RPG with a word-based combat system. You have to form words from a grid of random letters and the better the word the more damage it will do. The fights are real-time, so there’s pressure to find the best word possible in the shortest amount of time. You will collect mana as you fight which will allow you to cast more intricate spells that you will find while exploring the dungeon. You can also find other items that will help in the fight such as extra letters and loot. Different enemies have different abilities and weakness that will be discovered as you fight them and explore. Each enemy has a card with it’s details on and the more of these cards you find the more weaknesses you’ll uncover.



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WASD or arrows – Move
Space – Action
Mouse – Fight


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